David Ramey

aka Trombone Dave

David Ramey, AKA Trombone Dave, is a musical, educator, and radio host in the Midwest. His specialty is in the music that found its way to the Chicago area through the Great Migration, as well as those in-between the railways and waterways that brought the music north. Educated at Webster University in St. Louis, he holds a Bachelor’s of Music in Jazz Trombone Preformance, and a Master’s of Arts in Marketing. David has been playing in various groups through out the Chicago area since 1985. He has given tours and lectures related to the South Side blues and jazz scene for several institutions including the University of Chicago Graham School, the DuSable Musium, and Northwestern University.

David Ramey has taught at Northwestern University since 2005 with a course by his design called “Music of the Chicago Neighborhoods”. His research includes where a lot of the famous musicians final resting places are located including Chicago, Memphis, and throughout the Mississippi Delta. David Ramey’s current musical projects include Trombone Dave and the Lawn Clippings who specialize in pre-war acoustic blues such as Blind Blake. He is also a radio host and producer of the Chicago Gumbo Show on WLCB.LP on Friday afternoons.