Thomas Nykiel

Thomas Nykiel is a writer, composer and musician.  He is the guitarist and vocalist for the shoegaze/noise rock band ICY CREATURES (Co-founded with Charlie Cychol from Cuddle Riot)

Thom’s style borrows vastly from the 90’s shoegaze and Manchester music scenes as well as indie rock and edm.  He was a part of the late 90’s Chicago post rock scene and played in bands such as Makeout Bench, Aquna, Jupiter Elise and Von (Drums) With Hip Hop Producer Anthony Kilhoffer.  He has worked with Jello Biafra and Ministry early in his career and was a regular at Lounge Ax. He also spent time Djing as T_glider at clubs in Krakow Poland and Prague in Czech Republic . ICY CREATURES has a debut EP coming out in late spring.