Robin Mordini

aka Rockin’ Robin

Robin Mordini specializes in digital marketing/SEO and content creation. She is also a host personality. Whether you need a creative writer for your blog or website content, you’re launching a Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaign, or need social media and promotional help, Robin has the experience to create and propel your brand forward to meet your goals.

Robin has worked with top brands including new products that have appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank and multiple successfully funded Kickstarters.

Robin has a background in events management with a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida. She picked up SEO & marketing while freelancing for brands and new products across the world. Contact Rockin’ Robin to host your videos, shows, appearances, and events.

Rockin’ Robin loves to cook and has one of the top Airbnb Experiences in the U.S. for homemade pasta lessons. She is Italian and Filipino. She also loves volunteering in the Logan Square community in Chicago at the local farmers market and various community organizations and events.

Robin is the host of the Tinderella Show, an online dating comedy podcast. She is working an all eggnog songs Christmas album as a passion project and has a calico cat named Pixel. She also has an extensive board game collection and designs board games in her spare time.