Richard Robinson


This meteoric rising star from The Windy City that is known as Chicago USA has captured the hearts and minds of international audiences over his 25-year span in professional entertainment. His unique versatility, which ranges from vocal and instrumental performance to producing, writing lyrics, dancing, DJ work, and artist & DJ development. Rich has been recognized by many stalwart forces within the global entertainment sector.

Rich has held various sponsorships from William Grant & Sons, Red Bull, Guitar Center and other distinguished liquor brands. He has been featured as an innovator in sound and electronic production for performances at the MCA Chicago, DEMF in Detroit and many of the top spots in Chicago, Los Angles, San Francisco, Miami and other cities across in the US. The group Artispure is now working toward international relations toward Central America and South America in his scopes. His goal is to unite the global online team to meet in person for live performances in the coming future. Rich Robinson aka “Pure” alias handle deep into the underground hip hop & dance music scene co-founded the music group collective efforts with Leon Q Allen. They met while both in college studies at Columbia College Chicago. Here they would see Kanye and Common around the campus. Lupe Fiasco was at the open mic. Later Rich would produce the Wu-Tang Clan 2-night engagement to play the Metro with 2 sold out shows. Rich also put on several parties huge in the hip hop scene with Grand Master Flash and DJ Easy Rock & Rob Base at the Double Door for nearly a sold-out crowd. Rich also helped with an after party featuring the Geto Boys when he a teenager early 90’s era. Another after party would take place short after that with rapper MC Breed & DJ AK 47 also in high school. Rich gave his after parties at his house in high school and became popular for dance parties to his peers. In the US Army he received an Award for his volunteer work playing live music and DJing while in the armed force playing the local club on base and private engagements for military functions. Rich then met Leon in 1999 and they began to write music; this was all done from around year 2000-2004.

One song submitted to major studio as a demo in 2006 called “Love in the Club” was never officially released but over shopped. By proxy the song title was picked up by a major record artist and spent months on billboard. A costly lesson learned Rich & Leon revamped the music writing experience with goals to start releasing records under their name instead of giving studios their ideas. Together they successfully gathered several very talented people. It became clear to Rich that by seeking out a dream team of musicians, writers, DJs, producers the group could be become a global community online and in person. Rich then began to seek out ancillary point people in the music business to collaborate on projects online and in person around the world.

In the years 2000 to 2006 Rich also served a promoter for Music 101, PURE and various nightclub. He worked as security for Circuit Night Club and Metro/Smart Bar to stay close to the dance scene. Rich then began building up a collection of music instruments and computer software. This how Rich gained the sponsored event later on even to pass on a job offer to work at M-Audio in Santa Monica, CA. Rich was determined to stay in Chicago, he still resides there today.

Rich has led the producing and writing for over a dozen releases on all media channels including some exclusive releases on Traxsource. The ARTISPURE group has matured with a style that has contains organic elements, mixed with house roots, jazz, pop, RNB and smooth lounge appeal layered into electronic foundations.
Since 2010, Rich trained his wife to join in the fun as she got into entertainment. Rich is blessed to have his spouse now working as  his top PRO Dj  with Artispure. Her career is now in full force. Rich is currently co-op managing their DJ careers while his son GoldGavin is soon to embark on his first music release at 11 years old. Stay TUNED for more on GOLD GAVIN!

For more information, training request, Music IT support, special bookings or requests for special project work or remixes request; please reach out to Rich thru: