Fluffy LaBella

Fluffy LaBella is an anomaly; never fitting into stereotypes and constantly exploring social themes in a non-traditional way. She is a club kid turned manager turned musician, so she has a 360 degree view of the music scene. Fluff’s experience seeps through her work with a biting honesty, and the music not only makes you think, it can also make you giggle, cringe and blush.

Fluffy has literally grown up in the industry and is ready to branch off into her own unique brand of songwriting. Her debut, “Living Saint” is an alternate view of self, separate from society. The soundscape provides a mix of funk and blues over intriguing rhythmic patterns. She never bites her tongue, which means she dodges a lot of daggers. Fluffy Greens is a unicorn in her own right; part Erykah Badu, part Andre 3000; equal parts fashionista, debutante, artist, but all rapper.

Fluff is sexy and odd; familiar and thoughtful, which makes her an exciting artist to watch. From Del the Funkee Homosapien to Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, and Rhymefest; Fluffy Greens has shared the stage with some of your favorite weirdos. As a vetted member of the Art Is Pure Roster, Fluffy is set to debut her debut EP, “Living Saint” in early 2020.