Autumn Liggett


Autumn has been DJing for over 10 years. Her ability to read and excite all types of audiences is her trademark. from weddings, to corporate events, to nightclubs, Autumn has done it all. her unique style of mixing multiple genres of music during a set has made her a favorite among party planners in the city. Autumn also has the ability to video mix, and is considered a top “vj” in chicago. she has taken her talents to many venues such as stk, offshore rooftop, estate, folklore, innjoy wicker park & innjoy logan park, swig, and deboniar social club.

Autumn grew up surrounded by music. Viewing MTV since childhood formed her love of all genres of music. At this time growing up in the 80’s, MTV actually played music videos! Listening to music was a huge part of her life as a child and continued into adulthood. As a matter of fact, she often skipped doing homework to listen to music in her headphones. She was absorbed in music and drawing and liked the journey music could take her on.

Autumn aka Dj Auntie Social is spreading her name and brand and don’t be suprised to catch her spinning at festivals like DoDivision in Wicker Park Chicago or a West Fest after hours. She is now also expanding her base out into surburban venues in Berwyn and Villa Park to name a few. Her partner motivated her to start Dj-ing because he saw potential in her. Flash forward to 2020 she is a total pro. Becoming a DJ, she picked it up very quickly. She claims, ” It was like I had been doing homework to prepare me for a career as a DJ my entire life, my brain is like a musical rolodex.”