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I cannot express the importance of networking as an artist enough! Networking can be an excellent way to trade for services, exposure, and exchange ideas, you never know who will meet.  As a Dj I do all kinds of events from weddings to bars so I meet a lot of different people. It’s important to make a good impression and be ready with a business card in hand.

A friend of mine invited me to a dinner at a quaint Italian spot, La Fontanella Restaurant.  At first I was nervous as I only knew the person who invited me and my husband whom I brought along but I forced myself to relax and make conversation.  I met all kinds of people from different industries.

Dinner was ready and tables were being served so I picked a table and sat down next to a young lady named Cary Juarez.  We introduced ourselves and began chatting about what we do.  She told me about her experience as a journalist and I shared about my Dj gigs.  Then she offered to write an article about my experience as a dj.   I agreed and we set up a date to go out for coffee.

We met up and she interviewed me and a bit later she sent me her rough draft, it was perfect and way more interesting than anything I could write about myself.  I posted the article to my social media and it got a lot of attention.  Without the support of my industry friends and networking this article wouldn’t be possible.

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