Matteo Candura

Matteo Candura is a (musician-producer-songwriter-remixer-artist-dj-engineer-mixer) born and raised in Sicily, Italy. He has a Master’s Degree in “Piano” and a Master’s Degree in “Musical Disciplines – Music Applied To Multimedia Contexts” (Department of New Technologies and Musical Languages), both obtained after many years of study in various “Conservatories of Music”, he also plays the saxophone. Now he is also Apple Certified Pro in Logic Pro X.

His journey towards the world of House music began when he first started DJing at the age of 15, taking his cues from the golden age of turntablism and associated culture in the late ’80s and early ’90s, his attentions were led towards other sounds of the era also enjoying their first heyday. His infatuation with those classic 4/4 club sounds is something that lives and breathes vividly in his music today. He has no lofty aspirations to play arena shows or break through into the mainstream of electronic music. He’d rather stay true to the scene and surroundings he loves and develop and grow therein. “I think the most important thing for me is that people take my music as a personal part of me, so I don’t need to play for the biggest fees in the biggest clubs, I am mainly interested in the underground scene itself and being an active and creative part of it”, he says. He enjoys creating music from influenced from different styles like House (Deep, Classic, Soulful, Funky), Jazz, Soul, Gospel, Funk and more. Across the room his eyes are closed as he is working out the mix with perfect detail. It is amazing just to watch, as his mind and body are one with the music.

His talent was soon recognized by folks like Steve “Silk” Hurley (4-Time GRAMMY® Nominated Remixer) and “Joe Smooth” (House music legend). They welcomed him into their record labels (Steve “Silk” Hurley and Shannon Syas owners of “S&S Records Inc.”, and Joe Smooth owner of “Obelisk Production Multimedia”) both in Chicago. The legend of House music, Joe Smooth, says about him, “Matteo is a fantastic talent and the sound of his productions are warm, soulful and contemporary”.He got an exclusive interview of the legend of House Music, Joe Smooth, from Chicago. Also, recently, Joe Smooth remixed new track of Matteo Candura “Analog Mood”!

To date he has worked with such great artists as Faith Evans, George Clinton, Steve “Silk” Hurley, Chaka Khan, Joe Smooth, Jamie Principle, Sterling Void, Jerry C. King, Curtis McClain, Paris Brightledge, Superfunk, Jameisha Trice, Ron Louis Smith 2nd, Eddie Nicholas, Karina Chavez, Zachary Zamarripa, Somni, SNDSTRM, Cecy Santana and many others. His music productions can be found on record labels as “S&S Records Inc.”, “Obelisk Production Multimedia”, “Kingdom Digital Music Group”, “Just4Funk Recordings”, “Indie Art Music”, “Sunpire Records”,”Tony Records”, “Docka Records”, “Pop Fidelity”, “Veksler Records”, “Cabana Recordings”, soon also in Major labels and many others. The remix for Faith Evans was released exclusively on Vinyl.

He works exclusively with analog gear, high-end plug-ins and analog mastering. Now he is working at the opening of his first record label + merchandising also with big first release EP/Album with great names of House Music! His music goes from deep house to soulful and funky, combining old school references with brand new sounds. Combining his multifaceted skills as a DJ/producer/remixer, and with an ear towards House music’s roots, Matteo Candura is a name to watch out for!