Kevin Mitchell

aka KM Nelson

Hailing from Chicago IL, Kevin Mitchell Nelson grew up in an environment rich with various cultures of music available to him. The son of an educator and a banker (who used to regularly bring home records from music retailers he’d financed), he was inspired at a very young age to not only make music but also to learn about what music can do as far as fostering progressive socioeconomic development and equality. His earliest experiences in production and guitar playing (and a few other instruments) came through his uncle, a few cousins and childhood friends; several of whom remain KM’s collaborators to this day.

Early adulthood was a musically vibrant one for KM; always learning, writing, recording and performing with projects that ranged in style from R&B to Rock, Funk, Reggae, Hip Hop and House and beyond into musical forms from around the world with too many artists, DJs, bands, projects and producers to name here. Privately ghost-composing and producing commercially for TV and film are also items that came with the territory of freelancing outside of the various other exploits.

Presently, as always, KM lends his craft to various projects in different arenas on guitar and other things, but also heads a commercial production brand called: “Omnisector Music” (from his “Omnipresence” project begun in 2001), directs a band he started in 2013 called “The Ever Afters” and has been contributing to songs by Tensei; (a production collaborative of old friends producing various artists and releases since 2008), that is releasing albums on Tokyo Dawn Records in 2019.

KM joins his friend Rich Robinson on the Artispure journey to facilitate greater community building for various roster artists and clientele thorough “helping out where he can”; writing, recording and occasionally performing where needed.

For KM, a positively productive peace is the motive, the purpose and the goal in one.