The newest rising star from THE BEAUTIFUL LAND is invading America with her sultry vocals, sexy moves, hypnotizing rhythms, and intoxicating beauty. This Brazilian bombshell is the true epitome of the intricate influences of her native land, combined with the banging beats of America. Based in the Midwestern metropolis of Chicago, this gorgeous work of art uses the power of her voice and dance to bring audiences into a world of celebration, exuberance and purpose. This is CECY SANTANA.

Hailing from Sao Paulo, CECY SANTANA grew up in a musical family headed by her father, legendary Afro-Brazilian trumpeter Carlos Santana, who is known for his collaborations with Roberto Carlos, Gal Costa, and also played first trumpet for the Sao Paulo and Rio Symphony Orchestras. As a young musical prodigy, CECY excelled in flute and voice, and often performed in various church concerts and ministries. Her desire for musical superiority led her to the United States, and she landed in Chicago, Illinois with a dream to succeed.
Since her arrival in The United States, CECY SANTANA has worked in many musical genres such as house, dance, jam band, Brazilian Popular Music, traditional Brazilian music, and R & B. Her music has been featured in various conventions such as The Winter Music Conference in Miami, as well as in commercials and other forms of advertisements. As a performer, she has guest appeared with bands such as the New Orleans powerhouse Galactic, and has opened up for mainstream recording artists such as Fantasia Barrino, Carl Thomas, Roy Ayers, Music Soulchild & Lil Wayne.

CECY released her debut solo project titled “Skyline.” She is also running CECY SANTANA PRODUCTIONS, which focuses on the complete diaspora of Latin-American entertainment production. Currently, she leads up a new sexy dance-pop group Triple Heat that is now getting some leverage thru the Artispure collective. Rich Robinson acted as a conduit introducing Slava to Cecy to start the girl trio. Then Artispure snapped with Matteo Candura, Rich Robinson, Leon Q and Cecy had a dance afro-house hit “Dance in the Night (Maybe Baby)” release on Traxsource the summer of 2018. And as the world turns to a new era in music, you will be sure to find CECY SANTANA as a premier musical force among the greats of our time.